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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. Whether included here or not, feel free to contact us! We are happy to assist you. 

Course accreditation depends on the profession the courses are designed to serve. We are currently an approved NM DOH EMS Bureau EMS CE Provider for EMS continuing education courses. 

You can pay for shop items, courses, and other services using most major credit cards and PayPal. 

Courses and Subscriptions

Courses and subscriptions will be accessible immediately after purchase or subscription in most cases. In some circumstances it may take up to 24 hours for access, but our goal is instant access. Please contact us if your course is not accessible immediately so we can troubleshoot the issue preventing optimum access. 

Digital Products

For digital products that are not courses on the Learning Management System (learn.code3academy.org) you will receive your digital product immediately after purchase in most cases. 

Physical Products

Physical products may vary in their shipping and delivery time. Delivery time frames will be provided in the purchasing process. We strive to process and ship items within 24 hours during the week and on the next business day over weekends and holidays. Some of our products are provided by distributor and vendors who we contract with. We share our expectations with these partners when choosing them and expect the same time frame as our internal products. Shipping times vary once the shipping company has taken the item. We will provide tracking information whenever possible so you and we can track your product and ensure delivery. 

Other Items

There may be other products or services offered not included here from time to time and update this and the product or service description when added. 

We treat your data, privacy, and security with the same care we expect for our security. We utilize a number of modern products and services to ensure data security and update them frequently as the cybersecurity landscape changes and based on our security audits. The online store utilizes encryption to communicate with payment providers. We do not store sensitive payment information on our website. If a card is saved or stored, it is done so on our payment system architecture. 

For information regarding privacy and your data, please see our Privacy Policy

Code 3 Academy uses policies and procedures designed to meet these legal requirements, though not an exhaustive list. 







Most orders on our website will be processed in the shopping cart. This meets the needs of most individual clients. 

If you are a business or government agency and need quotes, invoices, and other options to pay for or assess our services and products, please contact us and our team will assist you! Use the contact form next to the FAQ’s (this page) on our contact page

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